A baby will find much delight in a jumper. Being able to bounce on a seat that will send her moving up and down is sure to be a fun activity for any baby. So, when it comes to a baby jumper, you can basically opt for a stand-alone or doorway jumper. There are pros and cons of each and which you should buy would depend on what you are looking for in a jumper.

Stand-Alone Jumpers

These jumpers are getting increasingly popular because they are considered to be safer. You do not have to attach it to your doorway and you are free to move the jumper from room to room. Furthermore, these jumpers usually have a wide range of toys to keep your baby entertained. In other words, they are also an activity center which can help in your baby’s development. In fact, some stand-alone jumpers now are also designed in such a way that it can be used for the different stages in a baby’s growth, from a playmat for a newborn to an activity table for a toddler. However, stand-alone jumpers are generally more expensive than doorway jumpers. Some jumpers-cum-activity centers can cost more than a hundred dollars which is triple the price of a basic doorway jumper. Click hereĀ best baby jumper.

Doorway Jumpers

Doorway jumpers can give your baby good fun because they tend to bounce a little more than stand-alone types. That is why many babies prefer doorway jumpers anytime. On top of that, a lot of doorway jumpers now are portable that you can move it around or bring it along when visiting friends and relatives. It is much smaller compared to stand-alone jumpers and it also does not take up a lot of space either. Being clamped onto the doorway, you would not have a big baby jumper sitting right in your living room, which will be ideal for those who need to economize on space.

The drawback of a doorway jumper is, of course, you will end up blocking an entrance to a room. You may also need to look for suitable doorways in your home to install the jumper because not all can be used. Sometimes, the width may not be right or the location is not safe or practical. Some of these jumpers can also cause damage to your doorways as you need to ensure it is tightly clamped. While doorway jumpers are much cheaper than stand-alone jumpers, you do need to be cautious about the safety aspects. This is because there is always a risk of your baby hitting against the door frame when she is in the jumper.